Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Monster vs Aliens Superbowl Trailer in 3D

Monsters vs Aliens, A Dreamworks MovieEvery year people are more and more anticipating the movie trailers that will be shown during the Superbowl. Well, marketing teams have definitely acknowledged this fact and tease us damn hard. A stark example is this commercial announcing that the Superbowl 2009 trailer of Monsters vs Aliens will be in 3D! Take a look below:

Dreamworks is establishing partnerships to distribute 3D glasses all around the country. So go get your glasses and be ready to enjoy the Superbowl movie trailer of Monsters vs Aliens on February 1rst, 2009!

The Superbowl trailer of Monsters VS Aliens is now available:

Hope you did get your 3D glasses to enjoy this marvelous Superbowl trailer of Monsters vs Aliens!


Julie said...

"What the flagnod!" makes me laugh every time.

Anonymous said...

These glasses got me a huge and monstrous headache! I think dark-blue and amber is not good for the brain of normal people
I will keep going to IMAX 3D (polarizers), the best...